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    5 Tips to Make Your Online Store Successful

    Making your Online Store more attractive for customers will help boost sales. You must make your Online Store Functional yet attractive enough to make the customer pay attention to the content online. Only this way, The customer will spend more time on your site, and will be more likely to make a purchase.

    In this Article we go over 5 tips that can help you make your shop more attractive. 

    Create a functional homepage

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    An information overload on your homepage will only make the user experience more difficult for your customer. Your homepage is the gateway to all tabs and links included within your Online Store. So it is crucial that you provide information that is of actual use to your customer.  Your home page is the first impression that the customer gets of your Online Store. So keep the design simple, the interface well structured, captivating and attractive. Your customer will spend time exploring further only if the web page is interactive and purposeful.

    Build on your brand with a logo


    Brand Logo

    A good brand logo will help strengthen your Online Store interface and you’re ultimately your brand. The logo is The visual “spirit” of your company. It serves as a reminder of your identity to a customer and Makes a site more memorable. It is a crucial part of the Emotional experience for the customer. Often, customers recall a brand by its logo and associate themselves to your company in a similar manner. You must set aside a small budget to hire professionals who can creating a logo that encapsulates “spirit” of your company.

    Incorporate visual elements


    Visual Elements_1

    Visual elements are important as they help you unify the interface of the Online Store. It also makes it more easy for your customers to navigate. You must choose colors and fonts that are in line with your brand identity and use them throughout the site. Remember to keep it simple. You must retain the same elements in all forms of business communication to maintain a single brand identity that is easily recognizable by customers.

    Tell your story


    Tell your Story

    Your customers want to know the story behind your brand and products. Who is behind this company and what is that person’s story? Which are the products they sell? They will want you to answer these question so make sure you tell your story through your Online Store. Audiovisual content is one of the most effective ways to do so. Video content that is informative yet attractive with graphics and visuals will engage your customer. When people have heard your story, you will be able create an emotional bond from the content that your customer can relate to on a more personal note. YouTube is the best platform for uploading content that you can create on a low budget using a simple phone camera and basic audio and video editing tools, also available for free across platforms. While video content may take some time to create from scratch, take some pictures and upload it on popular social media platforms and photo sharing apps to spread the word about your brand.

    Create an emotional connect


    Emotional Connect

    Personalize your customer service. Every call is important and so is the solution for the problems your customer face daily. Every problem has a unique solution and your customer will feel valued when you provide them with a personalized solution. Discounts also help retain customers so go ahead and send a personalized note with the next order. A touch of personalization unique to the customers buying patterns will help them form an emotional connect with your brand. Customers that feel that way are more likely to return and place an order again in your Online Store.

    You can create a visually attractive website that appeals to your customers on an affordable budget. However we recommend you invest time and take the efforts to research this topic. Incorporate these steps to improve your brand image for the customer. If you need any help or have other questions relating to augmented reality (AR) selling, please contact our customer service. They will be at your service whenever you need it to help guide you in the right direction. Also, our designers can personally help you create a personalized design that improves the functionality of your Online



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