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    7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Store

    There are several key points to consider when you start an online store. Also there are common mistakes and pitfalls you must avoid to ensure your business succeeds. How you do it can be left to your good judgment and discretion. However, we bring you seven of the most common mistakes you can avoid while creating your first online store experience.

    Good product descriptions


    Good product descriptions​

    The first impression online is your last impression. Your Online Store is your gateway to the world. Even if your products are the best, if your product descriptions lack engaging content and don’t have images that are appealing to interested and willing buyers, they will not buy them. You must use high quality images that don’t pixelate when someone zooms in to get a closer look. Customers can check every minute detail to ensure the product is up to the mark by reading the description and zooming in to verify the same. Hire a professional who can source good quality images from stock websites or can take pictures of your products to present them in a professional manner. This initial investment will be worth it in the long run. Product descriptions must also stand out as you should never underestimate the power of a good read! Customers are more likely to buy when they are convinced that the information available on the product is legitimate. Do not use product descriptions directly provided by the supplier. It is important to modify the information creatively and make it stand out from the mindless narrations available on hundreds of other websites that provide a similar shopping experience. Information must be concise yet have all the relevant details. This content building strategy will ensure a better customer retention to build your Online Store.

    Simple website design


    Simple website design

    Your website must be easy to navigate with minimal efforts and time taken. Customers will come back for more only when they have had a pleasant shopping experience the first time. You must pay attention to the structure and design of your website and provide what your customers are looking for while shopping for products. If they don’t find what they need, there are plenty of alternatives that they can browse. Therefore you must ensure your product categories don’t have multiple layers of navigation that can potentially confuse your customer and force them to lose interest. You must keep the design simple and the navigation interface straightforward. This will increase the chances of your customer checking out of the cart with a product rather than bouncing off the site in frustration.

    Smooth checkout experience


    Smooth checkout experience

    Checkout is a critical step for your customer and your business. You must provide a checkout experience that is customer friendly. For example, if you intend to sell in a specific country or location, ensure that your checkout incorporates payment solutions that the people residing there have been using by default. A local and well known payment solution instills a sense of confidence in the customer. Research is key when it comes to designing a checkout solution to ensure favorable conversion rates. Key points like the geographic location, customer preferences, multiple payment options, and companies that provide these solutions must be taken into account. Only this way, you will be able to build a sense of trust with your customer base.

    Great customer service


    Customer support

    Customer service is of paramount importance. You must provide your customer every opportunity to express their grievances and do everything you can to ensure their problems are being addressed. Bad or sub-par customer service will get negative reviews online and can potentially destroy the chances of attracting new customers due to poor reception and grievance support. One bad review can affect your product or service and it doesn’t take time for one upset customer to spread negative comments on social media. So ensure great customer support via phone, email, or even live chat and staff qualified support executives to provide tailored solutions.

    Strong social media presence


    Social media

    Don’t not neglect or underestimate the power of social media. Your presence across multiple media sharing applications can make or break the future or your company. Many are free to use and the best part is, your customers are already active on several apps and websites. All you have to do is spread the word about your product or business through engaging posts on social media. Premium services on networking applications also allow your business to create affordable marketing campaigns. You can influence customers without having to rely on multiple mediums for communication. Bottom line is social media gives you access to all the tools and resources on an engaging platform to build your brand.

    Know your customer


    Know your Customer

    For an effective marketing campaign, you must know your audience. Identify who your ideal customer is so that you can design a strategy to focus and first target those who are interested in your brand and products. Ask questions to assess their needs that have to be fulfilled. Understand what motivates an ideal customer to buy online? Where do they mostly shop? Who are they influenced by? These questions need to be answered. Your conversion rate will automatically improve when you answer the right questions and design a campaign that addresses all the relevant pain points. With these new insights you will be able to create an image of your ideal customer and apply this in your marketing strategy.

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