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    Add a product, explore different product types and product settings

    What different types of products are there?
    There are currently four different types of products:

    • Product (physical or downloadable)
    • Package (consists of several different products)
    • Service
    • Giftcard

    Add product 2

    The most basic elements in your shop are regular products. Here you can specify different product properties such as name, description, price, stock balance, item number, weight, shipping information and more.

    A product package must contain at least two products. A new price can be set for the package itself, regardless of what the products in the package have for the basic price. For example, if you create a package with three products that cost INR 200 each, you can specify the price for the whole package as INR 500.

    What distinguishes a service from an ordinary product is that the blocks (properties) for e.g. stock balance and shipping are not present.

    Gift Cards
    If a customer wants to give a gift card, you can use gift cards in the store. The store owner then creates gift cards with different values, for example INR 100, INR 250, INR 500 etc. The customer can then buy one or more gift cards which they then give away. The gift card is either sent out via e-mail or the buyer can print and give out a physical gift card which serves as payment in the shop.

    Create a new product

    add product 1

    Go to Products -> Click on the "+ New Product ..." button in the upper right -> select "New Product".
    On this page (the "Product Properties" tab) there are several different boxes containing different settings.

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