By Agosh Baranwal on 4/21/20 2:28 AM

    What is an SSL Certificate?

    Ever wondered, 'What do I need to do to get https?' Or, 'What is SSL encryption?'

    SSL stands for S-ecure S-ockets L-ayer and is a security service for your store that ensures that all information your customers fill (for example in different forms at login and at checkout) is forwarded as encrypted information to databases and payment systems.

    It is an important feature of your website to make your visitors and customers feel safe.

    How to see if a page has an SSL certificate?

    In front of the address in the browser's address window you can see if a page is encrypted or not. If there is a padlock and the text "Safe" then there are SSL certificates. 


    Important information for those who are going to buy SSL

    SSL only works if you have linked your own domain to the store. SSL cannot be started if you only have one domain via us. SSL only works with our responsive themes. Not with the classic theme. 

    How to buy SSL

    • Click on your login name in the upper right corner of admin and select "My subscription": 
    • Check "Domain Certificate (SSL) via Let's Encrypt". 
    • Then go ahead and pay. As a PLUS customer, you pay SEK 30 a month for SSL via Let's Encrypt. BAS customers pay SEK 60 a month. 
    • If you pay via card, SSL is activated within 1-2 hours. It takes about 2-3 business days via invoice. 

    Note that it can take up to a day for the certificate to become active on your store.

    Don't forget to change to https in Google Analytics after activation

    • If you use Google Analytics, you must make a change to Analytics when SSL is enabled. There you change from http to https so that the statistics continue to work correctly.
    • Log in to your Analytics account, click on the gear in the bottom left. 
    • Then go to the middle column, "Property" and click on "Property settings". 
    • In front of "Default URL" there is a selector for "http" and "https", select "https". 
    • Then scroll down and save. Clear.

    Why am I getting alerts even though I have SSL enabled?

    In some cases you may receive warnings that the page is not secure even if you have activated SSL and this is usually because you have linked an external script or image from another website that does not have SSL. 

    In that case, you can find the script / image and upload the file in the store's file archive under Appearance -> File archive. Then you can link the script / image from there. Then the warning will disappear. 


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